My approach to weddings is to be as involved or as discrete as the bride and groom prefer…striking a balance between arranging that great shot of the family to catching that perfect unguarded look between the bride and groom. I will endeavour to capture the key points of your day as well as candid moments you may otherwise miss, to tell the full story of your special day.

Not everyone is comfortable being in front of the lens (usually the groom!) rest assured, I will do my best to be as sympathetic and make it as stress-free as possible. If this is the case, please let me know before the wedding and I will happily cover the wedding in more of a reportage style, staying in the background as much as possible. I am all too aware that this is your day, a point that is sometimes lost on photographers who appear to dominate the proceedings. I will never force the subject into having a photograph taken if they’re not comfortable with it, as it always shows in the final image and is usually a file that gets deleted.