Life Into Balance

Lisa Colby


I have known Lisa since my first day starting at school (many years ago now!). Over the years we drifted in and out of touch as is they way of things. Last year, we bumped into each other and eventually reconnected via social media (whatever would we do without it?!). I discovered that she was now a yoga teacher full time with her own business, Life Into Balance.

It was soon discussed we should get together for a photoshoot and update the look of her stationery and flyers. Time passed as it does and I spent some time working for Lisa’s partner, Paul on his marquee business. I also redesigned her logo, stationery and flyers in the meantime and her website was expertly redesigned to match the look!

Finally we managed to organise a day where we were both available. We spent the afternoon trying different poses and looks to provide Lisa a catalogue of images for future use. During the shoot, I couldn’t help but take some sneaky portraits as I was checking focus, Lisa has always been so photogenic and is a really lovely person! Paul also came and joined in with some yoga as he too is extremely proficient at it. Even some of their Romanian rescue dogs (Lisa’s other passion) came to see what was happening and got in on the action!

If you are interested in yoga, mindfulness and meditation, get in touch with Lisa on Facebook or via her website. Have a look at the overseas yoga retreats too…I think they need a staff photographer to accompany on some of those!

Finally, if you are in need of some excellent website work like Lisa has had done, feel free to contact me, as I know “a man who can”.

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