Lowestoft Photographer, Videographer & Designer

Carl Matthews

I was deeply interested in photography from a very young age, growing up in the seaside town of Lowestoft. According to family members, I was always picking up cameras and adding my own “masterpieces” to the roll of film.

Entering my teens, I invested in my first 35mm SLR film camera; a Russian built Zenit 12XP, which I used for several years, getting to grips with exposure and composition. After working summer jobs, I could finally afford my first Canon SLR – a marque I still use today.

My career as a professional photographer began in 1989, working for Alan O’Neill of Charles Hodge Photography; one of the leading offshore and commercial studios in the UK (and indeed, Europe). I initially worked as a hand processor and printer, which gave me insight into the “dark art” of the photographer.

As I progressed, I was given more photographic jobs including corporate, industrial, offshore and aerial assignments. This took me from the darkroom to cargo doors of helicopters and the top of offshore communications masts with a camera in hand. I also assisted with helicopter and offshore safety videos and worked as wedding video camera operator.

Filming offshore video

After a career change in 1997, I began working in graphic design – quickly discovering the potential of Adobe Photoshop. I later invested in digital equipment, bringing my skills into graphic design as an in-house photographer for the studio.

Over the years, I have worked on many interesting assignments, both on my own and collaborating with other photographers. From charity events and weddings to photographing musicians and performing artists, designing their promotional material as well. I also undertake varied commercial assignments – creating product images for local businesses, corporate group & head-shots.

Outside work, I still have a keen interest in photography – attending local, national and international motorsports events when I can. In quieter moods, I wander nature reserves in search of wildlife and landscapes to photograph. Feel free to visit my Flickr account to see examples of my personal work.

If you’d like more information on my services or simply want a chat about your photography ideas, please do not hesitate in contacting me.